Today’s technology will push the envelope of fashion, challenge current design concepts and give garments a new functionality. Fashion is no stranger to technology. In 1858 innovations in steel production led to the invention of the new bell shaped hoopskirt and jumpstarted the hoopskirt trend. In 1939 Dupont invented nylon and when the first nylon stockings hit stores in 1940, women were camped out in lines far surpassing the launch lines for the iPod or the Wii. In FashionWare 2012 we again look to the intersection of fashion and technology for innovation,which is what brings us to CES, where we bring together innovations from large corporations, students of fashion, start-ups, artists, and designers to create the looks for the different lifestyles of women today and tomorrow.

The Fashionware runway fashions range from technology that is available in stores today, like solar heated pants to experimental prototypes like the Interceptor dress that was developed at the Copenhagen Institute of Interactive Design (CISD). Whether you’re a blogger, a hipster, a fitness fanatic, or an eco-conscious individual, we look at how technology will change how we live and what we wear.

Enjoy the FashionWare 2012 show, where high fashion meets high