FashionWare is a runway show like none other. It’s devoted to high tech couture and accessories. This year’s NYC show took place during CE Week (June 24th)  at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  Hosted by Chris March, Project Runway, and starring a bevvy of hot new designers,fast new chips, infinitesimally small sensors, 3D printed stuff and blingy LED’s,  FashionWare was a sight to behold.

Here’s a few heart-stopping moments but  you can see the full video here.

What the press are saying about FashionWare

Breaking Modern
Breaking Modern
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New York is the so-called Fashion Capital of the World, and early summer is prime time for consumer electronics events in the Big Apple, including the Consumer Electronics Association’s CE Week and Pepcom’s Digital Experience! Each year, these factors converge to produce a new crop of fashionable but functional technology wearables. Here are sneak peeks at six upcoming products from the 2015 season which you can’t buy in stores or online just yet.

If you thought the new trend of wearable technologies was all fitness bands and smart watches, think again. Time Warner Cable News technology reporter Adam Balkin filed the following report.The developers of the Say necklace tout it as a piece of social smart jewelry. Meanwhile, the Oura Ring tracks your movements and habits to help you plan your recovery from the physical and mental rigors of day to day life.

Todays New
Todays New

CE WEEK is NY’s largest technology show. Think FashionWeek meets technology. Located right in the heart of NYC, with more than 3,000 attendees, CE WEEK takes a first look at the hottest tech and trends for the upcoming back-to-school and holiday season. It’s the right chance to show the right products at the right time to the right audience — meet the tech influencers who will drive mass awareness about your innovation.

World Liverty TV
World Liverty TV

At CE Week, New York City’s largest consumer electronics (CE) and technology event, the tech industry and fashion worlds collided as designers and companies unveiled the latest high-tech fashions and wearable tech for trendsetters and techfluencers alike. An engaging panel discussion on “Red Carpet Wearable Technology” sets the stage for a live runway show emceed by none other than Project Runway’s Chris March, known for his elegant ball gowns, outrageous hats and wigs, and larger-than-life personality. Produced by Living in Digital Times.

CMS Wire
CMS Wire

A 3D sound home cinema processor. A wearable device that uses low level light therapy to treat genetic hair loss. A baby monitor you can snap onto your child’s clothing.

Oh my. If you're a high-tech gadget freak and live close to New York City, then there's likely no better place for you than CE Week, the city's largest technology show.

LED lights, smart jewelry and dresses embedded with sensors were on display at a FashionWare event in New York City on June 24. The event was part of the CE Week consumer electronics conference.

Chris March, costume designer for artists such as Lady Gaga and a former contestant on Lifetime’s “Project Runway,” was the emcee.

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