Jazsalyn McNeil

By November 21, 20162017 Designers

“It is human nature to become immune to the beauty of the world we live in, we make our lives larger than the universe, I aspire to reverse that.”

Jazsalyn McNeil (Raleigh, 1991) is an anti-disciplinary artist developing human interface technology. With a background in Textile Product Development from NC State University, Jazsalyn integrates electronic textiles, fiber material manipulation, and unconventional materials. Her artistic interest utilizes transhumanism and biosensor design technology, as a medium to enhance human consciousness and environmental awareness. Her work serves as a platform for interactive installations, evolving discussions for human integration with technology, nature and the future.­­­­­

McNeil’s work has been featured in a wide range of exhibitions and campaigns such as, NEXT (Nano Extended Textiles) for: TEDx Durham at the Carolina Theater, Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas, and Hunt Library at NC State University. Charleston Fashion Week in South Carolina and textile technology solutions company Lectra in Paris, France.


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