Leaving town? With SCOTTeVEST you can ditch your backpack or laptop bag but still bring carry everything you need with him in the new 30-pocket Enforcer travel jacket. A game-changer for the tech-enabled traveler, the Enforcer can hold a full-size laptop or Surface Pro as well as all your cables and mobile devices without any visible bumps or unwieldy weight.

Belty Good Vibes (GV) is a high-end, lifestyle and wellness belt that merges health, fashion and technology, and is created by the award-winning startup, Emoita. Belty also comes equipped with technologies that reinforce a healthy lifestyle through ventral breathing and everyday activity. The mobile app is designed to identify a change in activity as well as offer suggestions through good vibrations. Instead of relying on a mobile notification for instant feedback, Belty will send them directly to the user via the smart belt. Belty Good Vibes is the very first smart belt that integrates artificial intelligence to contextualizes every aspect of your everyday life.