The Shooting Star Dress is part of the Gilded Fractals Collection by Make Fashion Designers, Kenzie Housego, Stacey Morgan and engineer Sophia Amin. The environmentally responsive dress is inspired by the amazing shapes and sacred geometry found in nature.  It’s part of a collection This elegant feminine that features designs and accessories that reacts to both the wearers environment and movements.

The Martian Watches’ Kindred VIP is a true woman’s hybrid smartwatch, with a modest stainless steel case round diameter, of only 38mm. Featuring discreet and customizable VIP vibration and LED alerts, Kindred VIP is the first fashionable analog women’s smartwatch, in a sensible size made for a woman’s wrist.

The OrCam is a wearable device designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. A smart camera mounted on glasses receives visual information and translates what it sees into speech. The wearer gets the beneft of Orcam’s cutting edge text decryption and face recognition technology.

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