2016 Sponsors

Oxygen PRFounded by Carine Coulm and Bertrand Duplat in 2013, Emiota specializes in smart wearables that focus on health and wellness that give users the opportunity to experience new sensations.

2016eSCOTTeVESTISCOTTeVEST designs multi-pocket clothing that lets you carry and use all of your gadgets. With up to 42 pockets in a single item, you’ll have space for your smartphone, tablet, iPod® and other gadgets, plus your wallet, keys, sunglasses and more! With SCOTTeVEST, you’ll leave nothing behind. BRING IT!

VestVest is a global provider of products successfully protecting from potentially dangerous exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, and more.
Vest products are FCC certified laboratories tested and proven, ranging from cases to headsets, armband, laptop pads, wallet cases, pregnancy belly bands, baby blankets, and more.

OrCamOrCam presents an intuitive wearable device designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. A smart camera mounted on glasses receives visual information and speaks to the wearer, utilizing cutting edge text decryption and face recognition technology. OrCam gives independence.

MoffThe Wearable Smart Toy that turns a child’s every movement into fun sounds! We are Tokyo-based startup that was successfully on Kickstarter.

2016EUnitedsciencesUnited Sciences technology is the only one in the world capable of accurately scanning and measuring a hole through non-contact means. The human ear is the hardest hole to measure; our technology enables the creation of customized in-ear audio products, hearing protection devices, hearing aids and wearables.

Merlin DigitalFor over 15 years, Merlin has been devoted to making a smarter world through technologically innovative offerings that span 3D display solutions, smart mobility, multimedia, wearable fitness and digital surveillance products. Our flagship products lead the region’s electronics and digital media market.

2016eionThe iON line of point-of-view video cameras is perfect for everyone who wants to experience life—and then relive the experience. With a product line ranging from action cameras and wearable cameras, to home and car monitoring, iON captures it from all angles simply and brilliantly.

wonderwoofWonderWoof is focused on fashion, fitness and fun. With its patented BowTie shape, you can be sure your dog is dapper wearing a WonderWoof which comes in six colors and exclusive versions. Based on their age, breed, and weight, it electronically pairs with the WonderWoof app to recommend a daily goal for your pup; as the day progresses, you can see how your dog is meeting milestones. Connect with other dogs in the WonderWoof social network and schedule playdates too! WonderWoof is available for $95 from www.wonderwoof.com and at select retailers including Best Buy, Petco, Amazon.com and Harrods.