2015 CE Week Sponsors & Partners

2015 CE Week Sponsors

kirocoKiroco designer jewelry is the 21st century digital locket that allows you to safely store and wear your personal assets or precious moments. You can connect text, photos, video and documents from your phone to your Kiroco jewelry, keeping them safe and secure with our bank-level encrypted security. All of your memories are saved to your jewelry and unlocked via your smart phone.

adlenseAdlensFocuss Radical innovation wrapped in beautiful frames, AdlensFocussTM is heralded as the most significant leap in lens technology for over 50 years. Variable Power Optics (VPOTM) allows patients to adjust their vision at the turn of a dial from near to distance, delivering 4x more useable lens area than the best no-line bifocals. AdlensFocuss is a smart eyewear solution that provides Precision Vision on Demand.

OURAŌura wellness ring combines sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology with three decades of pioneering research. The ring measures how your body responds to sleep, rest and activity. Based on physiological and behavioral data; Ōura gives personalized, actionable guidance, helping you achieve balance and perform better in everyday life.


HiSmartHi Smart Bag-The specially designed HiRemote syncs with the HiSmart app. The 2-in-1 customized chip inside the strap enables you to pin locations, find your HiSmart or phone, answer calls, listen to music, record your voice, and take selfies in just seconds. HiSmart redefines the bag by making it do more functions than you thought possible.

withingsWithings Activite – Designed in Paris & Swiss-made, Withings Activité is a new generation of activity tracking, combining luxury & fashion with functionality.  It is a 24/7 health-tracking tool for activity & sleep, including being waterproof up to 50m, a silent vibration alarm to wake-up, and no charging with battery life up to 8 months.

viawearViaWear blends fine jewelry with cutting edge electronics to provide context for our digital lives. Our inaugural bracelet line, Tyia, filters mobile notifications to alert you only when it’s important. Designed by an award winning jewelry designer, Tyia comes in a variety of precious metals with semi-precious gems and interchangeable straps.

wowwee125x125The Future of Prehistoric is here with MiPosaur(TM), WowWee’s latest robotic creation comes with an interactive trackball utilizing BeaconSense(TM) indoor GPS tracking technology which not only controls the creature, but also alters its mood and personality!


2015 CE Week Partners

meu-4MeU is an innovative and completely open-source technology with the power to display a striking visual message on your body. Sure wearable LEDs have been around for a while, but with MeU, you’re finally able to completely customize what you display. The flexible LED panels are controlled using your smartphone, allowing you to change your design as quickly as you send a tweet.

3Lectromode3lectromode is a Montreal-based wearable electronics atelier dedicated to avant-garde crafting and consulting in fashionable technologies. We develop small scale productions of techno-fashion garments and adaptable solutions for soft-wear designs.

makefashionMake Fashion is an initiative that introduces talented local designers to cutting edge new technologies, subject matter experts, and wearable technology. We are a collaboration of great minds who want to explore and demonstrate the convergence of fashion and technology. From awe-inspiring responsive runway dresses to scientific wearables with practical applications, Make Fashion designers are inspired by fashion with functionality. Our runway gala in Calgary, Alberta is our largest annual event, where we pair fashion designers and artists with engineers and tech enthusiasts. The combination of skills and ideas creates stunning results and groundbreaking fusions of light, fashion and performance. In addition to our runway series, Make Fashion produces a series of thought leadership symposiums, public-access workshops, and molecular cocktail events.