FashionWare: A high tech runway show like none other.

We introduced the concept of high tech fashion way back in 2010 when a few pioneer designers were messing with interactive clothing.  Today it’s a $20 billion dollar industry laden with high tech bling.  Join Project Runway’s Nick Verreros at CES’s Tech West for our 2016 fashion preview.  From jewelry that notifies you about with messages, to outfits that are environmentally aware, from glasses that give you bionic vision to shoes that you print on a 3D printer. The future of fashion belongs to the high tech.


FashionWare RECAP

From a few circuits and LEDs sewn into t-shirts by imaginative designers a few years ago into the wearable tech business is forecast to be a $17 billion dollar business in 2015. For the past six years Living in Digital Times has been tracking the trajectory with the FashionWare Show at CES.

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2015 FashionWare Show


This year’s show took the stage at the WebMD Wellness and Relaxation area in the new Tech West. And boy, was it a blast. But don’t take our word for it. The reviews are in.

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