Welcome to Wearable Technology and Fashion

From a few circuits and LEDs sewn into t-shirts by imaginative designers a few years ago into an $14 billion dollar business in 2014. That’s how fast the wearable, high tech fashion industry is growing. For the past five years, the FashionWare Show at CES has been at the forefront of wearable tech bringing thought-provoking, eye popping fashion runway and exhibit experiences that bridge the worlds of fashion and technology .From dresses that change patterns based on your own heartbeat, to glasses that augment information, to jackets that double as GPSs, to nano-fabrics and bionics, we invite you to step into the epicenter of this new world with us.

2015 Brochure

Wearable Tech Marketplace

Located at the Venetian/Sands convention center this area lets attendees have an interactive experience with makers of wearable tech devices and apparel/textiles. Glasses, jewelry, headgear, belts, arm-wear, legwear, footwear, skin patches, sports devices, 3D printed wear, and e-textiles. Nme it, we’ve got it. The exhibit is part of CES 2015 and is open during CES show hours.

FashionWare Show

When the sun goes down in the Vegas sky our wearable tech comes to life in an amazing spectacle of lights, music, and wearables. The FashionWare runway showcases the spectrum of wearables from consumer items to one- off creations that are proof of concepts for a not so distant future.

How Can I Get Involved?   

Sponsorships can involve product placement on mannequins,dedicated space in our Marketplace, or a featured wearable in the FashionWare Show. For more information, see the brochure. If you’re interested in participating in the evening fashion gala contact julie@sportsandfitnesstech.com or LindaN@dcdmc.com.