2017 CES Las Vegas

You Are What You Wear, So Make it Tech

Our very first high tech fashion show featured a dress that inflated itself from a mini skirt to an evening gown using a small hair dryer tucked in the waistband of the dress as its “tech component”.  We’ve come a long way, baby.  Today our FashionWare Show at CES delights attendees with a look at the hottest high tech wearables.  Hosted by Project Runway’s Nick Verreros, the show features tech-forward attire and accessories for everyone from the business exec to the bling lover, the sports devotee to the mobile-centric family. This year you’ll see the latest from head-ware to foot-ware, from new fabrics to new chipsets, from wearable payment systems, to displaying your emotions on your sleeve. FashionWare Show takes place on the main stage of the Living in Digital Times Pavilion at the Sands Convention Center.

2017 Emcee & Designers


FashionWare: A high tech runway show like none other.

CES Asia is getting its own fashion runway show. But unlike other fashion runways this one  will be decidedly high tech. The models will be wearing the latest new wearables from companies including Martian Watches, Fitbit, Antelope, Hexoskin and Physiclo as well as some jaw-dropping outfits designed especially for the show by  MakeFashion.

Living in Digital Times, creators of the experience, introduced the concept of high tech fashion to CES  way back in 2010 when a few pioneer designers were messing around with interactive clothing. Today wearable fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry with tech industry that expresses itself in everything from wrist wear to eyewear, from new clothing materials to electronic bling.  High tech wearables are making us healthier by tracking our activities and relaying important insights into the way our bodies are performing. They are making life more practical, helping us stay warmer, cooler or even tidier looking thanks to new materials that never get old.  They are helping us express ourselves, with fashions that glitter and glimmer based on environmental inputs.

2016 CES

FashionWare: A high tech runway show like none other.

We introduced the concept of high tech fashion way back in 2010 when a few pioneer designers were messing around with interactive clothing. Today it’s a $20-billion-dollar industry with tech touching everything from wrist wear to eyewear, from new clothing materials to electronic bling. Once again we invite you to join us for FashionWare: the fashion runway show at the heart of CES.

2016 CES

FashionWare RECAP

From a few circuits and LEDs sewn into t-shirts by imaginative designers a few years ago into the wearable tech business is forecast to be a $17 billion dollar business in 2015. For the past six years Living in Digital Times has been tracking the trajectory with the FashionWare Show at CES.

Julie Sylvester
Julie Sylvester
Show Producer

In the 5 years I’ve been producing this show I’ve never seen such a high caliber of fashion.

Nick Verreos
Nick Verreos

TechChic! This was like a Project Runway challenge. I think we’re seeing wearables now and in the next two years you’re going to see it go mainstream.

2016 FashionWare Show


The 2016 FashionWare Show took place on the center stage amidst Living in Digital Times newest showcases: BeautyTech and BabyTech. Hosted by the inimitable Nick Verreos and featuring one of a kind high tech couture the show was covered by Womens Wear Daily as well as a host of other press.

he wearables tech industry is projected to grow 64 percent over the next three years, reaching $25 billion in 2019. The Wearables Marketplace and related lifestyle exhibit areas on the CES show floor have more than tripled in size since 2015.

Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times stated:

Technology met fashion Thursday morning when makers of tech-inspired fashion garments and accessories debuted 20 new items at the CES FashionWare show.

Every year, FashionWare is the gear-oriented fashion show held at CES, and CNET reports that consumers can expect to see tech developers and designers try the difficult balancing act of creating clothing that is stylish yet functional, looking cool without compromising the technology.

"We're way past spandex," Robin Raskin, CEO of Living in Digital Times, the company that's putting on the CES fashion show for the sixth year, told CNET.

If I'd told you there would be a fashion show at CES in Las Vegas, you'd probably expect a dress with crazy, sound-sensitive LEDs or a Bluetooth-emitting vest.

And you'd be right. But Thursday's FashionWare event, put on by Living in Digital Times at the annual tech trade show here, also featured garments that looked almost ho-hum.

And that's a good thing.

A model walks down the runway at a FashionWare show during CES at the Venetian on Jan. 7, 2016. He is wearing the SCOTTeVEST, a 30-pocket jacket that can hold up to a full-size laptop.

n case you were wondering, that is not a compliment. But things are changing. On the runway Thursday at CES’ FashionWare show, the clothing was described as “almost ho-hum” by CNET, which the writer said was “a good thing.” So what will the smart clothes of tomorrow look like?