From a few chips and LEDs sewn into t-shirts into an 8.3 billion dollar business!  That’s how fast the wearable, high tech fashion industry is growing.  For the past five years, FashionWare Show has been at the forefront of wearable tech bringing thought provoking, eye popping fashion runway experiences and exhibit experiences that bridge the worlds of fashion and technology.From dresses that change patterns based on your own heartbeat, to glasses that augment information, to jackets that double as GPS’s, to nanofabrics and bionics, we invite you to step into the epicenter of this new world with us.


Our Vision

What we wear and who we are is forever changed by technology.  From the 3D printers and laser cutting machines that craft, to the virtual dressing room experience, to clothing and accessories that let us live a more personal, functional and fashion-forward life,  FashionWare is designed to provide an experience to our attendees and high visibility to our sponsors.  Immerse yourself in our world.For exhibiting opportunities, contact juliesylvester@gmail.com

CE Week
Wearable Tech Panel
June 25th  4:30 to 5:30
The Altman Gallery, NYC
The Whos and Whats of Wearable
TechFrom fashionistas to digital health divas, a new rash of wearable tech – even for the family pet – is coming that will transform how you keep connected and how your fashions change and adapt to your environment and moods.

Hosted by Lauren Indvik, Editor in Chief, Fashionista.com.

Panelists include:
Yuli Ziv, Founder and CEO Style Coalition
Pierre-Alexandre Fournier from Hexoskin
Ben Arnold, Executive Director and Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, @techbarnold
Judy Tomlinson, Founder and CEO, FashionTeq @fashionteq
Other panelists TBD

AWE May 28, 2014
Santa Clara, CA

Brochure  Gallery

CE Week June 25-25, 2014
New York, NY

Brochure Gallery

2014 International CES January 2014
Las Vegas, NV